I never thought I would do this, but here I am. I don’t care for bumper stickers unless they are creative or make me laugh. Most however are boring and simply tell us the driver is very opinionated and hopelessly delusional in that he believes everyone should know his opinion and care about it as much as he does. Well many blogs, it seems to me, are just really long bumper stickers. It gives all those whose opinions we might not normally seek out a forum in which to grace us with their thoughts about…well, you name it. Thus the blessing and the curse of internet blogging.

Well I don’t expect that any readers should care or be overly concerned with what I might think about anything. I suppose this is some type of therapy or cathartic process–something probably more for me than the reader. I start from the premise that we all have a lot to learn and so I begin by doing some of that publicly, for whatever it’s worth, and if anything I write resonates, is seen as positive or helpful to anyone, then the awkwardness of doing some of this out in the open as it were will have been worth it.

None of this is to say that I don’t believe the areas of theology, philosophy, culture, the political, and the Church are not important. What could be more important, especially in our time?

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