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A Ministry Worthy of Support

I know many of you have home churches that you support financially on a regular basis. However, for whatever reason, perhaps some of you are not members of, or regular participants of, a local church. Maybe you find yourself wondering … Continue reading

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God With Us

We come again to that season of the year where a nation—indeed a (western) civilization—pauses to recognize the birth of a man because it is somehow more than the birth of a man. That absurd and impossible founding event—that scandal. … Continue reading

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Obama and Warren

It will be interesting to see how evangelicals react to this. Beyond it being a shrewed political move by President-elect Obama, I’m not sure what to make of it. Clearly the Left and a segment of the Gay community are … Continue reading

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Roger E. Olson

Roger E. Olson has written a book entitled “How to be Evangelical Without Being Conservative.” Here is an interesting review of the book. I have not read it and I do have some problems with Olson’s views (as does the … Continue reading

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SUVs at the Altar?

I certainly understand the importance of praying for, reassuring, and standing with those in our congregations (and everywhere) who have lost jobs or perhaps are on the brink of losing their jobs. But am I the only one who finds … Continue reading

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Milbank, Ward and other Theologians

John Milbank has a couple of new books coming out here. The endorsement given by Stanley Hauerwas (Who Time magazine once described as America’s best theologian) is impressive. This book will definitely be added to my Amazon wish list. Here … Continue reading

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Finally, a Shift?

Christianity Today has an interesting article entitled “Showtime!” No More” here. It is one pastor’s and church’s move from performance to mission. Could this be a trend? We saw something similar happening with Willow Creek here. Is it possible that … Continue reading

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The New Republic has an interesting article on Zizek here.

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Are Atheists Thankful?

Of course atheists are thankful, just ask one. I’m sure he or she could come up with things they are thankful for. What I wonder is, “why?” based upon their own worldview. For instance, think of all the things that … Continue reading

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