Milbank, Ward and other Theologians

John Milbank has a couple of new books coming out here. The endorsement given by Stanley Hauerwas (Who Time magazine once described as America’s best theologian) is impressive. This book will definitely be added to my Amazon wish list.

Here is another book I plan to get. Graham Ward is the editor and it appears much of the book deals with the secularization thesis (myth), which goes something like this: As a culture becomes more modern it becomes more secular and “religion” begins to disappear. Clearly, this has not happened even though many still believe it almost as an article of faith. I guess “evidence” doesn’t apply in this instance.

Of course, what we now know is that the people most likely to still hold to such a thesis, are simply the adherents of another religion, the religion of gnostic scientism or philosophical naturalism (Of course many who would not even know what scientism or philosophical naturalism are would believe the thesis because it is conventional wisdom at certain levels). When we hear diatribes against “religion” or “theology” we should always remember that such rants are always fueled by another religion, another theology.

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