SUVs at the Altar?

I certainly understand the importance of praying for, reassuring, and standing with those in our congregations (and everywhere) who have lost jobs or perhaps are on the brink of losing their jobs. But am I the only one who finds something about this story a little disconcerting? Why isn’t this church using this opportunity to question the metanarrative of the market as the modern gospel of salvation it has become? It is a false gospel. But here (Egyptian gold melted down into form and shape) it is brought into the sanctuary and up on the altar, with the bread, wine, and word of God, through one of its iconic shiny, metallic forms. Isn’t there a way to stand with those who bear the greatest brunt of a world captured by global capitalism without at the same time reinforcing or accepting its version of what is true? Upon reading this story, it is at times like this when one gets the distinct feeling something is being missed.

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