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Secularism and Violence to the Environment

I just finished After Modernity? Secularity, Globalization & The Re-Enchantment of the World, edited by James K.A. Smith. The book is a collection of essays and the ones by Smith, John Milbank, and Graham Ward alone are worth the price … Continue reading

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Constantinianism equals Gnosticism?

I have been reading through Nathan Kerr’s (another really cool guy I met in Rome) new book Christ, History and Apocalyptic. It is extremely thought provoking. He engages three theologians- Ernst Troeltsch, Karl Barth, and Stanley Hauerwas. I am somewhat … Continue reading

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Do More of the Same…Regardless…

Why both Keynes and Friedman were wrong can be found here…but of course, it won’t matter–we will shove ahead all the same. Wait a minute, is that an iceberg up ahead…ahh, who cares, we’re too big to sink, more champagne … Continue reading

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Fooled Again?

Another really cool guy I met while in Rome last September was Dr. Anthony Baker. He was the chair of the panel I sat on and he also presented a very interesting paper at the conference. He was very personable, … Continue reading

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Review of the Grandeur of Reason Conference-Rome

One very delightful Irish fellow I met while attending the Grandeur of Reason Conference in Rome was Dr. Jones Irwin, who is a lecturer in philosophy at St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City. We were on the same panel and he … Continue reading

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A Startling Admission

If anyone has been following the recent posts surrounding “meaning” and my observations regarding the curious need on the part of atheists/materialists to still use terms denoting spirituality and enchantment even though their world-view would never produce such terms and … Continue reading

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The Second Coming–Who Knew?

Regardless of who wins a presidential election, the inaugural ceremonies are always interesting. What I was struck by yesterday was the devotional adoration poured out for a man, by those who, I guess, have no other object of devotion. Rulers, … Continue reading

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More on Meaning

Following up on the recent posts regarding the naturalist’s use of terms that explicitly or by way of reference denote metaphysical/philosophical/theological concepts, I want to address the process of how we come to find things/life meaningful. First, the process is … Continue reading

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Paul Copan and Michael Martin

Dr. Paul Copan has an interesting essay here. This is sort of a standard apologetic response to one of atheist Michael Martin’s books. But, again, what I think is more interesting is the need on the part of Martin to … Continue reading

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First Things and Father Neuhaus

I have been reader of First Things for several years now and still consider it to be one of the best religion and culture journals out there. I especially enjoyed the writing of Father Richard John Neuhaus and was saddened … Continue reading

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