This year marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species. The BBC is doing a series of programs devoted to Darwin, the book, and the issues raised by evolution in general.

Dr. Conor Cunningham (our host and facilitator at the Rome Conference) talks here about Darwin/evolution and I think he is exactly right, especially in noting how there should be no problem in Christians affirming both the evolutionary processes of biological life and in a creator God as proposed in the Christian narrative; and, also, where he points out how atheist fundamentalists like Dawkins and Dennett actually undermine the ability to think about evolution (or anything for that matter) in a reasonable way. They are truly the enemies of the “reason” and the theories they hold so dear. Anyway, a very good discussion.

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  1. Burk Braun says:

    Hi, Darrell-One thing I would be interested in is your view of gnosticism- your definition of it, and its relations with orthodoxy through the ages. My understanding of gnosticism is that it posits some small piece of divinity in each human, yearning to reunite with the demi-urge in some level of a very complicated supernatural world/afterlife. Not pantheism, perhaps, but also not a complete separation from the rest of nature, either. Sort of like what we see in mormonism or scientology. At any rate, this would be an interesting topic to expand on.


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