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New Hart Book

I just hit the “check out” button on Amazon to order David B. Hart’s new book. It looks like a great read. Once the book is in my hot little hands, as I read through it -I will post some … Continue reading

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"Luke I am Your Father"

Peter J. Leithart has an interesting post, which I reproduce here in its entirety: Schmemann anticipates Milbank: “Secularism – we must again and again stress this – is a ’stepchild’ of Christianity, as are, in the last analysis, all secular … Continue reading

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"An Intellectually Honest Atheist"

Here is an interesting article regarding philosopher Peter Singer. As many might know, Mr. Singer is an atheist who advocates infanticide while he at the same time defends animal “rights.” As pointed out in the article, when it comes to … Continue reading

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Funeral Dirge

From this blog I came across this article in The Christian Science Monitor regarding Evangelicalism. The writer (Michael Spencer) tells of its coming collapse. Here are the reasons he gives for why he believes a collapse is coming: 1. Evangelicals … Continue reading

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Faith and Economies

Regardless of what one thinks of Stanley Fish, he often sees what many over-look. Here is a wonderful view of debt, bankruptcy, and other matters we normally think of in monetary “economic” terms only.

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