"An Intellectually Honest Atheist"

Here is an interesting article regarding philosopher Peter Singer. As many might know, Mr. Singer is an atheist who advocates infanticide while he at the same time defends animal “rights.”

As pointed out in the article, when it comes to ethics and their atheism, many of the “new” atheists like Dawkins, Dennett, and Hitchens want to have their cake and eat it too. While they sit down to a banquet of Christian ethical influence and permutation infused into western culture over centuries, as they stuff their mouths with produce they never grew nor cultivated, as food sprays from their mouths when bloviating, when we ask them where the food came from–we are met with an awkward silence and then told there is no cook. All this good food, ethics, morality, the true, the beautiful, and the good just is. The table was laid out when we arrived. The plates were ready, the table cloth laid, flowers in the vase, the candle lit, it was all just here. Wow. It’s like magic. But never mind, as they go back to stuffing and flailing about.

Of course Singer (and Nietzsche before him) knows how hopelessly illogical and unreasonable such a view to be if there is no Christian God or no transcendence of any sort–if all is just material. Mr. Singer is, unlike the new atheists, willing to look into the abyss.

Whenever we hear atheists begin to talk about “facts” “evidence” and “reason” we should point out that, interestingly, most of them refuse to go where the “facts” “evidence” and “reason” should lead them if their world-view were indeed true. And they do all this as they borrow words like “spirituality” “enchantment” “good” and “evil” revealing their complete bankruptcy as their philosophical accounts regarding coherency in those areas are all empty.

Yes he has horrible views and opinions, but give Mr. Singer credit: He is intellectually honest and he can think in a straight line.

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