"Luke I am Your Father"

Peter J. Leithart has an interesting post, which I reproduce here in its entirety:

Schmemann anticipates Milbank: “Secularism – we must again and again stress this – is a ’stepchild’ of Christianity, as are, in the last analysis, all secular ideologies which today dominate the world – not, as it is claimed by the Western apostles of a Christian acceptance of secularism, a legitimate child, but a heresy.”

And channels de Lubac: “It is indeed much easier to live and to breathe within neat distinctions between the sacred and the profane, the natural and the supernatural, the pure and the impure, to understand religion in terms of sacred ‘taboos,’ legal prescriptions and obligations, of ritual rectitude and canonical ‘validity.’ It is much more difficult to realize that such a religion not only does not constitute any threat to ’secularism,’ but on the contrary, is its paradoxical ally.”

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  1. Burk Braun says:

    By that logic, Christianity is a heresy of Judaism, which is a heresy of Egyptian polytheism, etc and so on. Time to get on your knees and go back to animism, I dare say.


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