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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Six

Chapter six is entitled “The Death and Rebirth of Science.” In this chapter Hart dissolves one of the most, if not the most, pernicious myths of modern times. In short, that religion in general, and Christianity in particular, has been … Continue reading

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Theologico-Political in Finland

I wish I had the time (and resources) to go to this. It looks like a great conference. One of the speakers, Hent de Vries, has several interesting books out there, especially this one. This conference and books like these … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Five

Chapter five is entitled “The Destruction of the Past.” This chapter is closely related to the themes of chapter four and follows almost seamlessly. Specifically though, Hart addresses the myth that after the fall of Rome it was the West’s … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Four

Chapter four is entitled “The Night of Reason.” Here Hart gives another example of the mythology of modernity, specifically addressing a major theme that runs through the whole story and purports to show how modern “reason” replaced “irrational” faith. And, … Continue reading

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A.N. Wilson Believes…Again

What an appropriate story, given this season and time of resurrection.

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The Times Higher Education looks at Milbank and RO here.

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Hart: Atheist Delusions–Chapter Three

I should have mentioned that Hart’s book is separated into four parts. Part One is entitled, “Faith, Reason, and Freedom: A View from the Present.” The first two chapters make up part one. Part Two is entitled, “The Mythology of … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Two

Chapter two is entitled “The Age of Freedom.” Hart’s point in this chapter is to tell us why it is that those such as the new atheists “tend to employ such extraordinarily bad arguments for their prejudices, without realizing how … Continue reading

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Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton owe Bart Ehrman an Apology

Why are we supposed to care what Bart Ehrman thinks about Christianity, philosophy, church history, or Christian doctrine? How does being a textual critic turn one into an expert in these other areas? None of us can help the fact … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions–Chapter One

Chapter one is entitled The Gospel of Unbelief, which is appropriate because the “new atheists” and the more ardent secularists among us should be thought of more as evangelists than simple skeptics. It is one thing for someone to toss … Continue reading

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