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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Eight

Chapter eight is entitled “Intolerance and War.” The last chapter dealt with the same topic focused on the historically inaccurate secular telling of the Church’s dealings with heresy and the events surrounding witch hunts and the various inquisitions. In this … Continue reading

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Because it Works…

I have been busy lately both professionally and personally, but I plan to continue posting my reviews of Hart’s book and should have the next chapter up soon. In the interim, I came across this recently and thought it of … Continue reading

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What Happens When Historical Ignorance Meets Absurd Logic?

In reference to my last post on Hart’s book, when speaking of the failures of the Church in the past or even present, there is one remaining factor here that needs to be addressed. Let’s put aside for the moment … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions–Chapter Seven

Chapter seven is entitled, “Intolerance and Persecution.” Something particularly important to note regarding this chapter and, in fact, the entire book is that Hart is not suggesting the Church was perfect, Christians were perfect, and every historical mistake or error … Continue reading

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More Fish

This is a little old but good regardless. Fish discusses the atheist’s faith in “evidence.” Dawkins voices distress at an imagined opponent who “can’t see” the evidence or “refuses to look at it because it contradicts his holy book,” but … Continue reading

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Fish on Eagleton

The always interesting Stanley Fish also takes a look at Eagleton’s book here. Here are some quotes: …British critic Terry Eagleton asks, “Why are the most unlikely people, including myself, suddenly talking about God?” His answer, elaborated in prose that … Continue reading

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"Ditchkins" Or Dumb and Dumber

Andrew O’Hehir reviews Terry Eagleton’s book on atheism here. Very nice and aptly entitled.

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New Cavanaugh Book

William Cavanaugh has a new book coming out and it’s already on my Amazon wish list. This looks like a great read. The unmasking of modernity continues.

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