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There is an interesting conversation going on over at Eric Reitan’s blog under the post “Mind-Body Issues,” in the comment section. Instead of taking up Eric’s space in the limited comment section, I thought I would address Cheek and Burk … Continue reading

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Modern Priests

Here is a very good and pertinent article by Alex Andrews, a Ph.D. student at the University of Nottingham. Mr. Andrews rightly points out that the modern area of study and knowledge we call “economics” is really a metaphysical construction … Continue reading

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The Pure Society

This looks like a good book. Indeed we could very well be in danger of, once again, allowing what we can do biologically/scientifically to spring new horrors upon a so-called “civilized” world. We would do well to remember that it … Continue reading

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Summer Fun

I have been lax in posting continued reviews of Hart’s book on atheism and the Christian revolution. Summer can do that. Between short trips, general weekend busyness, and just being outdoors more due to the great weather, blogging has not … Continue reading

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