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Searle v. Postmodernism: Searle 1, Straw-man 0; Postmodernism Still Standing

A correspondent asked me to comment on this, which is philosopher John Searle’s review of a book on relativism and constructivism. This is somehow supposed to reveal to us the problems with the postmodern turn. Instead, what this piece by … Continue reading

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Eagleton, Radicals, and Religion

Of all the critics out there of religion in general, Terry Eagleton is one of the few who is very perceptive, honest, and smart. I don’t agree with everything he says, but in general Christians should listen to him. He … Continue reading

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Tolstoy or Dostoevsky?

David B. Hart comes down on the Tolstoy side of the scale when compared to Dostoevsky simply because of artistry, Tolstoy’s ability as a writer to not only create other worlds but to accurately describe the inner worlds of his … Continue reading

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The Theology of Money

This looks like a great book…all moderns are believers in the practical sense spoken of here…

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Faith, Hope, Love

Hans Urs von Balthasar offers these wonderful descriptions of hope and faith in his A Theology of History: “In its perfection, hope is simply the readiness of love to say yes to everything, to be available for everything, always open … Continue reading

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Short Term Thinking–Wrong for the Environment and the Economy

Here is a good article on the foolishness of Keynesianism. Not only is this short-term thinking damaging to the future economy it is ultimately damaging to the environment. As the writer notes: Our unquestioned belief that the world’s resources are … Continue reading

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Christian Social Agenda

Phillip Blond was at the Rome conference I attended, a year ago now. He is the special guest at this conference in Melbourne. As far as what Blond is doing in England, one can only hope a similar movement will … Continue reading

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