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Trying to Believe

Conor Cunningham was a key facilitator, conference host, and presenter at the theological conference I attended in Rome last year. In one of the previous conferences, Dr. Cunningham presented this paper, which is very good. From the introduction, we read: … Continue reading

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We Sit and Watch Cable/Satellite News

Jamie Smith recently posted this sobering Sandburg poem. It may not seem like millions or acres of men to us as we note those killed in the current “war on terrorism,” but the last time I checked a slow bleed … Continue reading

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Cavanaugh on Religion and Violence

This is a couple of years old but still very good, especially given what’s going on in Afghanistan and the rest of the world. From the essay: But what is implied in the conventional wisdom that religion is prone to … Continue reading

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Finishing Hart

I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish my review of David B. Hart’s book “Atheist Delusions” anytime soon. I covered the first part of the book last spring and said I would pick it up again after summer was … Continue reading

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"Enlightened" Really?

From the same book, Arne Rasmusson (University of Umea-Sweden) writes regarding modern racism: Modern racism, based upon “scientific naturalism”, actually arose among some Enlightenment thinkers. The liberal legal and political theorist Jeremy Waldron notes in his book about John Locke … Continue reading

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The Church Divides

I just received this book which was the result of a symposium in Sweden where the discussion focused on “theology, politics and the identity of the church with a focus on Church of Sweden.” The keynote speaker was William T. … Continue reading

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