The Church Divides

I just received this book which was the result of a symposium in Sweden where the discussion focused on “theology, politics and the identity of the church with a focus on Church of Sweden.” The keynote speaker was William T. Cavanaugh. From the book, in his essay “Separation and Wholeness,” Cavanaugh writes:

Schmitt [Carl] was exactly right to see that the splitting of the original political-spiritual unity of pagan culture is a fundamental and typical aspect of Christian belief and practice. From a Christian point of view, Schmitt was wrong to try to tame it. The splitting of political order is just the expression of the idea that salvation has a history. The appearance of a chosen people and a Messiah but before the full consummation of his reign…

Because of a historical people called Israel, the historical reality of Jesus Christ, the fact of the Church and the combined story they each embody/carry, every state and political regime is called into question and has to behold, as if looking into a mirror, its transitory and temporary existence over and against an eternal people who take the long view and look to another King.

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  1. Burk Braun says:

    So, when is your king coming back to rule us all? Can anyone say “narcissistic pipe dream”? Or, “false basis for a governing order”? Or, “could have fooled me with intertwined religion and government in the Byzantine, Late Roman, Holy Roman, and Spanish empires”?


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