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All Evidence is Interpreted Evidence

I’ve posted this before, but given the last several posts and the comments–I will post it again. Some quotes: The reasons you must give, however, do not come from outside your faith, but follow from it and flesh it out. … Continue reading

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Reason’s Disenchantment

This looks like a great book and one I have added to my Amazon wish list. Blurbs: Thus, Rawlsian “public reason” filters appeals to religion or other “comprehensive doctrines” out of public deliberation. But these restrictions have the effect of … Continue reading

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No Leg to Stand on

Wow, here is another gem by Fish. The bold assertion: There are no secular reasons and what reasons there are have to be smuggled in from the very sources it disdains. How pathetic. I think we can conclude that secular … Continue reading

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Fish Gets It

Given the last two posts and the comments, here is an interesting article by Stanley Fish where he notes, at least one, huge gap in Habermas‘ thinking. He is absolutely right–something indeed is missing. A quote: Postmodernism announces (loudly and … Continue reading

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The Inseparability of Faith and World-View

Because of the extended conversation sparked from my last post (See the comment section), I thought I would respond here as to the last two comments from my intrepid interlocutor where he brings up the idea of “world-view.” First of … Continue reading

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The Faith of Science

I might quibble with certain points made here by Paul Davies, but his overall point is certainly correct–namely that science is ultimately based upon faith.

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Interview with Francis Collins

Here is a good interview with Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Collins (M.D., Ph.D.) has been lauded as “one of the most accomplished scientists of our time”. An interesting quote from the interview: While these are not proofs of God’s existence, … Continue reading

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Hope, Gardens and Easter

In this season of hope, here are some beautiful thoughts regarding the Resurrection.

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A Convention of Accommodators

Here is a wonderful and insightful summing up of the recent global atheist convention. A quote: In Atheist Delusions, David Bentley Hart has described the Christian revolution in terms of the stripping bare of the pagan life-world with its pantheon … Continue reading

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Milbank Interview

This is an interesting interview with John Milbank. Of note: “Atheistic philosophy still finds itself caught in a theoretical version of the nihilistic aporia depicted by the 19th-century Russian novelist. Either, like Kirillov, it can assert human reason or freedom … Continue reading

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