Just Die Already!

Wow. I mean you at least have to give Peter Singer credit for not blinking in the face of a nihilistic suicidal worldview. At least he’s honest. Like Nietzsche before him, he is willing to look into the abyss and face the logical conclusions of his worldview.

Unlike those who tell us there is no ultimate meaning or purpose to life, no free-will, no objective morality or ethics, and that what is simply is…BUT…I think we should do this, that, or the other because…well…because…ummm…at least Singer sees that if one truly believes we are a purposeless meaningless accident, and a plague really to boot, the cause of all this unpleasantness, then we might should simply exit the scene.

Of course, I doubt Singer will raise his hand and say, “Here, I will be the first to be sterilized.” Interestingly, in the past, it was always suggested that someone else be sterilized, interned, or simply exterminated—simply witness the early to the middle of the 20th Century in America and Western Europe. I wonder if Singer longs for those “good-ole-days.”

Imagine a worldview that offers death as possibly the best solution to our problems. One can see it now. A lonely man stands on a bridge. He has lost all hope. He sees no reason to go on. Up walks Singer. He whispers into the man’s ear and walks on. The man jumps to his death. What should one think of such a person who would give such counsel. I think most people would think it reprehensible. And yet that advice is given out all the time, not for a single person, but for all people. Nice worldview.

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