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Cavanaugh, Hitchens, and Violence

Here is a good piece regarding how we might think about what “religion” means and also how the myth of religious violence is used to support secular violence.

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Darwin’s Pious Idea

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham has posted more information regarding Conor Cunningham’s new book on evolution. I would encourage anyone to download and read the promotional sampler, which explains nicely what Cunningham is trying … Continue reading

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Marilynne Robinson, the Philosopher

Marilynne Robinson is one of my favorite writers. If you ever see one of her books, grab it up. She talks about her new book on the the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It sounds like a great read.

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Ten Interesting Questions

Debra Dean Murphy asks some interesting questions here. An example: 8. Why do most Christians misunderstand the nature of “freedom” and fall in lockstep with the war machine’s thin, silly notion of freedom as license to pursue “the American dream”? … Continue reading

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Hart: Sometimes A Guilty Pleasure

Look, I know he is hard to take at times and his pen can act like a dagger, but, for sheer entertainment value alone one must read Hart. He makes me laugh. And, if there was ever a group to … Continue reading

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Milbank on Democracy

A thought provoking piece here by John Milbank on the potential dangers of liberal democracy in our time. A quote: Thus increasingly, liberal politics revolves around supposedly guarding against alien elements: the terrorist, the refugee, the person of another race, … Continue reading

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