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The Politics of Atheism

John Milbank has written here of the link between atheism, the Left, and nihilism. Regardless of Milbank’s greater point, underlying his theme is the reality that the secular, politics in general, and the Left and Right are all imagined and … Continue reading

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Odd and Modern

Relative to my last post, here is the book the essay noted came from and it looks like the entire book would be an interesting read. Although environmentalism isn’t an area I’ve spent much time with, it is a good … Continue reading

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What Hath Continental Philosophy to do With Environmentalism?

There is a very interesting essay here in the area of continental philosophy and environmentalism. The essay also highlights many of the areas discussed on this blog and also on Eric Reitan’s blog. Here are some good quotes: The issue … Continue reading

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More on Belief and Evidence

Alister McGrath has a simple but good short essay here on the subject of science, belief, and evidence. It goes to many of the issues discussed on Eric’s blog. A quote: In its rigorous sense, “proof” applies only to logic … Continue reading

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All the World is a Text

There is a good discussion going on over at this blog. One of the issues under discussion is the role of “facts” “evidence” and science in how we come to recognize what is “true” in a “big-picture” or ultimate way. … Continue reading

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Tolerance: The Cheap Way

Debra Dean Murphy is one of my favorite bloggers. Here, she takes up the issue of the church in Florida that is about to embark on one of the more stupid and hateful events in recent memory. But she goes … Continue reading

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Still More on Violence and the State

James Smith has an interesting post here on the writings of Andrew Bacevich. We need to listen to someone like Bacevich. Some quotes: It’s also no mistake that Frank Rich cites Bacevich in his recent, stinging critique of Obama’s presidency. … Continue reading

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Religion, The State, and Violence

Here is more on the theme of religion, the state, and violence. “Whatever the truth about how often particular Christians, Jews, Muslims, and so on, commend and practice violence, we ought to remember that the quantity of violence traceable to … Continue reading

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