Still More on Violence and the State

James Smith has an interesting post here on the writings of Andrew Bacevich. We need to listen to someone like Bacevich. Some quotes:

It’s also no mistake that Frank Rich cites Bacevich in his recent, stinging critique of Obama’s presidency. All of those so-called “progressive” (or “red letter”) Christians who so eagerly backed Obama need to own up to the extent of his complicity in the new American militarism. Commenting on Obama’s recent speech about the Iraq war, Rich appeals to Bacevich:

Of all the commentators on the debacle, few speak with more eloquence or credibility than Andrew Bacevich, a professor of history and international relations at Boston University who as a West Point-trained officer served in Vietnam and the first gulf war and whose son, also an Army officer, was killed in Iraq in 2007. Writing in The New Republic after Obama’s speech, he decimated many of the war’s lingering myths, starting with the fallacy, reignited by the hawks taking a preposterous victory lap last week, that “the surge” did anything other than stanch the bleeding from the catastrophic American blundering that preceded it. As Bacevich concluded: “The surge, now remembered as an epic feat of arms, functions chiefly as a smokescreen, obscuring a vast panorama of recklessness, miscalculation and waste that politicians, generals, and sundry warmongers are keen to forget.”

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