Tolerance: The Cheap Way

Debra Dean Murphy is one of my favorite bloggers. Here, she takes up the issue of the church in Florida that is about to embark on one of the more stupid and hateful events in recent memory. But she goes to the deeper matter. We preach tolerance but Jesus preached love. One costs us little to nothing (and makes us feel so good about ourselves!), the other costs us everything.

Nine years after 9/11 most of us are tolerant of Islam but we don’t really love Muslims. We don’t really know any Muslims to love. Tolerance has kept us at a safe and sterile distance.

Tolerance is the installment program for a debt that will never be paid off and finally comes due, one day, anyway. It ultimately changes nothing. Love is the debt forgiveness plan that changes the world.

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2 Responses to Tolerance: The Cheap Way

  1. Burk Braun says:

    It is sort of funny how Islam preaches love as well, and both Christians and Muslims see their mission as spreading love over the whole world. You just gotta love the parochialism and totalitarianism of love!

    Anyway, I have to hand it to the good pastor. He has been amazingly effective in proving his point- that Islam generates in way too many of its believers a frenzy of hate (as well as love!). Let's call it hate/love.


  2. upwardcall says:


    I cannot speak for Islam.

    But, the Judeo-Christian Scriptures are very clear regarding the parameters of true love both theologically and behaviorally.

    Do I live up to these parameters? No, but I strive to do so with all the power that the Holy Spirit provides as I seek to yield myself to His purification and empowerment.

    Let there be no doubt that I who have faith in Christ Jesus, the Lord of Love, fall short of the full manifestation of His perfect love in and through me. But, let there be no doubt that I desire that perfect manifestation rather than settle for anything less as God adds another day to my life.

    Parochialism and totalitarianism are not expressions of love. They are the unfortunate and horrible work of the enemy of love within the boundaries of the Church. Christians of every generation have sought to legitimately rid the Church of these horrible perversions of love through their personal and corporate surrender to the aforementioned purifying and empowering work of the Holy Spirit.


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