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An Atheist Who Gets It

A very good series of posts here and here by the atheist Angus McDonald. McDonald sums up the problems with the “new” atheists and the problem is not with their belief that there is no god (something he agrees with), … Continue reading

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As the Post-Modern World Turns

There is an interesting post here on global Christianity. It touches on many issues and points, but what caught my eye was the nod to the continuing postmodern turn and especially in relation to the idea of “progress”. The West, … Continue reading

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Even Michael Ruse Gets It

Michael Ruse reviews the new Harris book here. I laughed throughout the review. First, I laughed because Ruse is witty. Second, I laughed because Harris really believes he is on to something, when he is just rehashing the sort of … Continue reading

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What is Needed? Disbelief

There is a wonderful essay here by Paul Wallace. One could quibble with Mr. Wallace here and there, but his over-all take and his tone is refreshing and encouraging to say the least. Here is a guy who “gets” it. … Continue reading

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