This looks like a great book.

From the Amazon page we learn this:

Here are some facts you probably didn’t learn in school:

People in the Middle Ages did not think the world was flat–in fact, medieval scholars could prove it wasn’t;

The Inquisition never executed anyone because of their scientific ideas or discoveries (actually, the Church was the chief sponsor of scientific research and several popes were celebrated for their knowledge of the subject);

It was medieval scientific discoveries, methods, and principles that made possible western civilization’s “Scientific Revolution”.

If you were taught that the Middle Ages were a time of intellectual stagnation, superstition, and ignorance, you were taught a myth that has been utterly refuted by modern scholarship.

And this:

In The Genesis of Science you will discover:

Why the scientific accomplishments of the Middle Ages far surpassed those of the classical world;

How medieval craftsmen and scientists not only made discoveries of their own, but seized upon Eastern inventions–printing, gunpowder, and the compass–and improved them beyond the dreams of their originators;

How Galileo’s notorious trial before the Inquisition was about politics, not science;

and Why the theology of the Catholic Church, far from being an impediment, led directly to the development of modern science.

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