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More on Singer

Here is more on Singer’s change of mind.

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Good News

This new finding is good news. Perhaps as these young people come into their own in society and culture, they will bring a new (actually an old) understanding to these two areas of knowledge. What is that understanding: There is … Continue reading

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Singer Looks into the Abyss and Finally Blinks

Here is an interesting essay by notorious bioethics professor Peter Singer. What is interesting is even Singer has realized over time that either morality has an objective basis or one is logically led to skepticism regarding any ethical assertion, even … Continue reading

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Bill Maher is an Idiot but Idiots can be Right Every now and Then

Many Christians will not like this Bill Maher rant, but my sense is they will not like it because it hits too close to home. They will also not like it because they don’t like hearing the truth when it … Continue reading

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Forget May 21st—Materialism Already Ended Existence

Many a naturalist (all?) lives under the spell of thinking he is simply noting “facts” and throwing his objective gaze around robotically and as if he had appeared without birth, family, culture, education, or influence. Science lends itself to this … Continue reading

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I have met the Enemy—and he is us.

Intelligent Design (ID) at one time seemed to make a lot of sense to me. I finally realized, however, that I was still suffering from the modernity hang-over. ID is a still too modern understanding of nature and I began … Continue reading

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That Science Which Would Marry the Age Will Soon Find Itself a Widower

To follow up with my last post, from Darwin’s Pious Idea, in addressing materialism/naturalism we come to the area of physics and what we might learn as to how our current understanding addresses materialism. Rather than provide much commentary, I … Continue reading

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Evangelical Atheism

John Gray gets it. And his take on memes seconds my thoughts on the subject in an earlier post: “Dawkins’s “memetic theory of religion” is a classic example of the nonsense that is spawned when Darwinian thinking is applied outside … Continue reading

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We Must Have Free-Will or We Wouldn’t Care One Way or the Other

Continuing in Darwin’s Pious Idea, we come to naturalism and the “hard problem” of consciousness, of which is bound up all the problems (if one is a naturalist) of free-will, agency, morality, and others. Reading through this section brought to … Continue reading

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Secular—I am Your Father!

In Darwin’s Pious Idea, we come to one of the still prevalent modern myths—the religious v. science myth. Well, what can one say? There are people out there who still believe President Obama was born somewhere other than U.S. soil. … Continue reading

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