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"embarrassing incapacity"

A nice piece here on the “new” atheism by Ian H. Hutchinson, a professor of nuclear science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The designation “New Atheists” has been gaining ground as a name given to this century’s … Continue reading

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They Just Keep Coming

Here is another great review of Cunningham’s book, Darwin’s Pious Idea.

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At Last–An Interesting Atheist

The power of the Christian narrative here. One of the interesting things I’ve found from reading your blog is that you are in fact an atheist. What relevance do you see this theory having for atheists?Well, first I want to … Continue reading

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Opening the Mouth and Removing all Doubt

Is the “new” atheist echo chamber so small they really don’t have a clue as to the key influences that brought us Western Civilization? Really? Have they read anything other than Dawkins or Dennett? Do they live in caves? Do … Continue reading

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Conor on Materialism

Nice essay here on materialism/ultra-Darwinism by Conor Cunningham. “I read recently in the newspaper that Richard Dawkins has funded a children’s summer camp, one that will encourage atheism, or what Dawkins would probably spin as “open-mindednesses.” The problem being, as … Continue reading

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Review of Darwin’s Pious Idea

Here is a good review of Conor Cunningham’s book, Darwin’s Pious Idea by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Narratives will Always Trump “Facts”

The writer makes what is really an obvious point if we think about it. If you are older than 21 and think about your life experience, rarely do “facts” or bits of information change people’s minds regarding anything significant (Yes, … Continue reading

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More From Singer

More are beginning to see that it is hard to propose that we care about something, and expect others to care about the same, when we can’t even tell them it is true, right, or good and that if we … Continue reading

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Brown on Brains

How easily one can push aside the obfuscation, the scientific jargon, and the smoke to point out the rather obvious. “So when we’re discussing thought and conscious processes, talking about minds is precise, and even measurable (what else do public … Continue reading

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Martin Nowak

Well if this is any indication of where this conversation is moving, we can perhaps begin to see more light at the end of the tunnel. Martin Nowak is herein described by a Harvard colleague as “the greatest evolutionist ever.” … Continue reading

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