More From Singer

More are beginning to see that it is hard to propose that we care about something, and expect others to care about the same, when we can’t even tell them it is true, right, or good and that if we were to do the exact opposite it is no more true, right, or good.

Once the plane is even, with no higher or lower, as to morals–then nothing matters no matter how we might wish to dress it up (and since the person suggesting we lift one ideal or notion higher than the others, while stating at the same time he doesn’t believe any are higher or lower–it is dressing up!) We should rightly call nonsense by its name.

Even those unwilling to believe in a transcendental source, realize the need for objectivity in morality. What can this mean except that no one really believes nothing matters and they believe such for reasons that always exceed survival or emotional subjective preference.

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