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Here is an interesting essay. Now, there is a lot here one could take issue with as this writer does. But, what interests me is that the writer clearly thinks it would be “better” if existence were not “accidental, purposeless, … Continue reading

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False Narratives

That the Modern Liberal West is quickly becoming an Emperor shedding his clothes (or already has?) can best be seen perhaps in a couple of essays by two very different thinkers. Or, are they that different? Slavoj Zizek is an … Continue reading

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From Halden Doerge’s blog: To become and to be a Christian is not at all an escape from the world as it is, nor is it a wistful longing for a “better” world, nor a commitment to generous charity, nor … Continue reading

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Science is so Important…Except in the all the Things we Truly Care About

A good essay here on the limitations of science. Who loses? We all do, of course, but perhaps it is science itself that takes the worst damage. Ironically, the more we look to science to do jobs it was never … Continue reading

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At Least He is Honest

When we hear the giddy almost embarrassing announcements that “science” is getting close to solving the “problem” of consciousness, it is nice to read a more honest assessment.

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A Cross at the Top of the World

This essay is just another example of how a narrative actually builds a culture and creates meaning. We hold certain ways of understanding our world and how we should live in that world as opposed to others. And we come … Continue reading

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