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Links for the Weekend and New Year

Happy New Year to all! The myth of religious violence here. Peacemakers in the religion v. science myth here. The virtues of Christian morality from an agnostic here. Polkinghorne on faith and science here. On the origins of modern science … Continue reading

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One Life

I’ve posted this before (or a variant) but it is always pertinent on this eve of gift giving. If you give a gift to someone today or tomorrow, or receive a gift, a ripple started 2000 years ago from one … Continue reading

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No Longer an Atheist

The holidays and work have given me little chance to reflect much upon the passing of notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens. Out of all the many written reflections out there, I would have to say Glenn Peoples’ perspective comes closest to … Continue reading

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This essay is interesting because it reveal how many, even when they think they are being objective and neutral, only reveal how biased and subjective their thinking really is. The writer also makes this important point: This evokes the ideal … Continue reading

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