This essay is interesting because it reveal how many, even when they think they are being objective and neutral, only reveal how biased and subjective their thinking really is.

The writer also makes this important point:

This evokes the ideal of a scientist brooding over her data, thoughtfully analyzing it, subjecting it to various tests, looking for patterns, seeking theory. There is much to be said for such a tack. It is rational. It appears for all the world to be fair and balanced. Yet it is not self-evident that this approach, which works so well at the lab bench, works as well everywhere else.

Moreover, as Hutchinson might remind us, the notion that one can stand above the fray of competing worldviews, carefully analyze them, and eliminate all but the best is itself the product of scientism, a distinct worldview with its own values, history, and biases.

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1 Response to Neutrality?

  1. Burk Braun says:

    Hear hear for blindness and bias!

    One wouldn't want to transcend those, would we? Of all the things to transcend, as we transcend our rapturous way clear out of reality, let it not be said that we labored to gain perspective over biases well-known to exist in ourselves and others.


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