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Another Reason Science will Always Follow Philosophy and Must

Science will not only always follow philosophy but would be impossible without it. In fact, every serious endeavor or conversation that rises to any level of reflection and significance within a culture is impossible and only happens with and because … Continue reading

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There is Philosophy and there is “detail” Work

I would only add that the other point worthy of note here is that scientism is itself a philosophy so we not only have the issue of people asserting that only “science” can give us true objective knowledge, but that … Continue reading

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Weekend Links

Apples and Oranges here. For all their differences, most philosophers in the Western tradition, and indeed most of the world’s religious traditions, have held that a satisfactory account of the things of greatest concern to human beings requires reference to … Continue reading

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Easter Meditations

N.T. Wright on Easter here and here. If we are even to glimpse this new world, let alone enter it, we will need a different kind of knowing, a knowing which involves us in new ways, an epistemology which draws … Continue reading

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