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Never Got the Memo

I’m reading a very good essay by Andrew Davison (DPhil, Biochemistry, Oxford) who is the tutor in Doctrine at Wescott House, Cambridge. He is speaking in general regarding the presentation of the Gospel message and Christianity in general to seekers … Continue reading

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Ontological Naturalism = Cognitive Suicide

There is very good piece here by Conor Cunningham. It might do for those invested in the conversation going on here to read Conor’s piece. The whole subjective/objective issue is one that only becomes an issue (of the sort noted … Continue reading

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Three Questions—or—it’s All About Community

Very nice essay here by someone who understands the difference between what science can tell us and what religion/philosophy can tell us.   “A society without faith is like one without art, music, beauty or grace, and no society without faith … Continue reading

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A Narrative Allowed for (created) Science

Here is just another example of how ridiculous it is for some to suggest there is some sort of conflict between religion and science or even science and philosophy. It makes one wonder. Do the people who suggest such things … Continue reading

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There is a nice piece here on the “neuro-nonsense” currently in play today. On the smallest of scale, if the purpose were only to conceive of better understandings of the brain and our bodies in the interest of treating disease … Continue reading

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The Secular is Parasitic and Must Borrow

This short essay here deals with a further essay by philosopher Stanley Fish and a book by Steven Smith. All three bring up great points. The issues discussed go to much of the conversation swirling around this blog post by … Continue reading

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