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Theology Saves Philosophy from Nihilism

The term “postmodern” isn’t used in this essay, but it is certainly a postmodern critique.  The writer brings up many points.  He notes the conventional wisdom of what we might call the “modern” secular view that religion is not “rational” … Continue reading

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The Challenge of our Age

In 2009 Mary Gordon was New York’s official state author.  And she understands, at least partly, postmodernism.  And she is hardly an advocate or supporter of Christianity.  I guess if ignoring the “challenge” of our age is to ignore the … Continue reading

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Propaganda or Art?

One of my pet-peeves is the attempts by Christians to make movies, music, or other forms of art wherein the underlying motive is to “witness” or get the Christian “message” across to the general public. For example I think of … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism is the Zombie after the Death of Modernity

Fundamentalism is a by-product of modernity. And after the death of modernity, we should think of fundamentalism (whether religious or secular) as the walking dead—the last shambling and ugly vestiges of a dualistic world-view shattered by the 20th century’s plunge … Continue reading

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I brought up Jurgen Habermas recently as an aside and thought I would revisit that august personage. I was very impressed. The old warrior (82) who has probably been the secular’s west’s most profound and formidable champion has evened out … Continue reading

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Never Got the Memo, Part II

Continuing on with Andrew Davinson’s essay regarding “reason” and the postmodern shift he also notes the habit of some Christians to use modernist understandings of reason and to accept some of the foundational aspects of the Enlightenment project. I have … Continue reading

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He Gets It

This guy gets the difference between science and scientism, methodological naturalism and philosophical naturalism, and what category errors and differences are. Care should also be taken in distinguishing between science and scientism, the idea that the scientific explanation is the … Continue reading

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