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A Bad Bargain Indeed

This essay, which is a follow-up to a previous essay and post, dovetails nicely with my last post.  If we reduce everything to matter-in-motion swirling around in a purposeless and meaningless universe, we eventually disappear.  One could say that the … Continue reading

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Narrative Does Not = Fiction

Here is an interesting piece and slightly postmodern—although there is much hidden here that is purely modern.  I think he is mistaken to see every narrative as always “fiction.”  He is correct in the sense though that our comprehensive metaphysical … Continue reading

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Evil and Witness

The greatest problem or mystery that faces the Christian narrative is the problem of evil.  Or, we rather should say that it is the greatest problem that faces any narrative, whether theist or atheist.  How one thinks about, articulates, responds, … Continue reading

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We Are Human

A very good essay here.  This is indeed what happens when we forget the “lifeworld.”  The materialist can tell us all day long that there is no ultimate purpose or meaning to existence, that his or her love for their … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These…

Okay, this was so funny I almost wet my pants.  But what else can one say about these guys? Regarding Sam Harris: “Harris is basically a low-rent Hitchens, sans wit or the wisdom to waterboard himself.” And Bill Maher: “But, … Continue reading

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Economics is Philosophy/Theology

Most of all the theorizing one hears today in the area of economics is surface nonsense that either completely glosses over the deeper realities or simply presumes the modern categories and understandings.  This is to say, it hides or forgets … Continue reading

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Preach it Brother!

How wonderful to see those so hostile to “religion” preaching,  proselytizing, meeting, organizing, putting promotional material out there and coming together “religiously” and passionately getting their “message” out.  Wait.  What?

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