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No Apologies

If I were to sum up how I understand my faith (more about that word in a moment) this essay is what I would point towards as a very good example of that understanding.  I would hazard to guess that … Continue reading

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The Scientistas and Dead Philosophies

Wow, another voice of reason within the ranks.  I can’t wait to see how he is miss-read and misunderstood here.  From a cursory glance through the comment section of the link, it is clear that reading comprehension and actually being … Continue reading

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Farewell the Office

I love The Office.  In my view, hands down, it was the best sit-com of the past decade.  Each character was perfect as a “type” of a person we all know—and especially known in the office world or environment—but my … Continue reading

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And this is coming From an Atheist…

This is coming from inside the camp. But listen, I totally get it. If I were 15 when r/atheism was around, I’d probably live in this dark corner of the internet. When you hit that phase where you’re just starting … Continue reading

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Atheists Got No Songs

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