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From Ben Myer’s blog: God of liberty, we give you thanks for the many freedoms that we enjoy by your blessing. For the freedom to express ourselves, we give you thanks!  For the freedom to satisfy our urges and impulses, we … Continue reading

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Faith? Intuition? What?

Because so many of the comments regarding the post “Nagel: A Voice of Reason” brought up the issue of “faith” and “intuition” I thought it might be helpful to re-post the following, which was originally entitled “No Apologies.” If I … Continue reading

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A Postmodern Tale

I recently viewed the new movie Life of Pi.   The movie is pictorially beautiful.  One almost wishes they would have lingered on some frames longer, they are so gorgeous.  The acting is also well done along with all the other … Continue reading

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Nagel: A Voice of Reason

Thomas Nagel’s new book, Mind and Cosmos, has many naturalists and atheists all bent out of shape and throwing hissy fits.  Why?  Because Nagel is an atheist and claims to not have a religious bone in his body.  His more … Continue reading

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