From Ben Myer’s blog:

God of liberty, we give you thanks for the many freedoms that we enjoy by your blessing.

For the freedom to express ourselves, we give you thanks! 
For the freedom to satisfy our urges and impulses, we give you thanks!
For freedom of trade, especially the freedom to buy and sell weapons and ammunition at competitive prices, we give you thanks!
For the freedom to bear arms, we give you thanks!
Save us, O God, from those who would threaten our rights;
Save us from legislators who would take away our freedoms;
Save us from those who would constrain the free expression of our feelings;
Save us from those who would compromise our free commerce in guns, weapons, and all instruments of self-protection.

Increase our freedoms more and more:
freedom to do as we please,
freedom to buy and sell,
freedom to possess handguns, semi-automatic assault rifles, automatic machine guns, stockpiles of ammunition, holsters, slings, scopes, and other accessories,
freedom against neighbours,
freedom against strangers,
freedom against children,
freedom against the unborn, 
freedom with our bodies and the bodies of others,
freedom to pursue our own interests,
freedom to gratify ourselves at any cost.
May the firstlings of our hearts be the firstlings of our hands,
and may we bring this freedom, O God, to those who lack it.

Fulfil us, O God!
Gratify our desires!
Validate our feelings!
Let us be free, though the world perish!

We ask it in the name of Jesus, your beloved son,
whose birth and infancy we venerate,
who came among us harmless as any child –
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1 Response to Freedom?

  1. upwardcall says:

    Wonderful portrayal, at least the way I read it, of our state of being personally and corporately.

    We are indeed conflicted persons members of a human family that is conflicted. What a mixed bag of legitimate and illegitimate motivations.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of man, have mercy upon our conflicted life and life together. As we set our face(s) toward you and are “slouching towards Bethlehem,” purify our hearts to have a singular desire for life and the fostering of all life to your glory. Amen.


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