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Darwin or Christ?

This looks promising.

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I came across this and it reminded me of this whole discussion regarding agnosticism.  Perhaps being agnostic just amounts to being an ironist. “The artist who deploys irony tests the sophistication of his audience and divides it into two parts, … Continue reading

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This is a further reply to Bernard, who stakes out some interesting ground for the reasons behind his agnosticism, which are in the various threads of comments on several of my last posts.  I need to say up front that … Continue reading

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God and Climate Change

Nice to see the President bringing God into the conversation.  And by the way naturalists, this would do more in a decade in a positive way for change, than naturalist’s pontificating about the purposeless, meaningless, nothing will matter in a million years, … Continue reading

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Peace in our time?

John Gray has a very good piece here (from last year) upon the continuing delusions of Steven Pinker and those who share in them. While Pinker makes a great show of relying on evidence – the 700-odd pages of this … Continue reading

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Again: We all live by Faith

Bernard, in the post on Nagel I know several issues came up regarding questions you had as to the assertion I make that all of us, whether atheist, theist, or agnostic come to our final conclusions by faith.  And again, … Continue reading

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Bernard, I thought you might enjoy this essay and maybe you have already read it.  I actually found myself agreeing with, at least the sensibility behind much of this. 

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Liberty: An Idol?

I just started a very interesting book by Christopher Ferrara.  Along with my regular posts, I plan to post every now and again quotes from the book that strike me.  I may not reply to any comments regarding these, but … Continue reading

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Whence Ethics?

Bernard and RonH are having an interesting conversation in the comment section of an earlier post regarding how we ground ethics.  It may help for them to read here and here and see if any new light is shed.

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Secularism: A dry well

There are many books listed here I want to read.  I would also suggest that those interested in the topics on this blog consider reading some of these as well.“And this brings me back, at last, to why the best … Continue reading

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