Whence Ethics?

Bernard and RonH are having an interesting conversation in the comment section of an earlier post regarding how we ground ethics.  It may help for them to read here and here and see if any new light is shed.
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  1. RonH says:

    Thanks for those links, Darrell. That's pretty much the gist of what I've been trying to say, though much more poorly. Specifically the bit where Hitchens says, “We can live at a low level of co-operation by mutual consideration. But as soon as we move beyond subsistence and the smallest units, problems arise which cannot be resolved by mutual decency.”

    I'll grant just from experience that individual atheists can be good without God. I don't think all of 'em together can be.

    It is unfortunate that we've lost one of the Hitchens boys. There was a debate between the two of them floating around on youtube a few years back that was great fun. Although I have to say that while I tend to agree with Peter on the subjects of religion and philosophy, Christopher was much more entertaining to read. Hitch's final published work was a rant on Chesterton. I would've sold a kidney for the opportunity to see a Hitchens-Chesterton debate. Hitch had cojones, I'll give him that!

    This was a rollicking good (Christopher) Hitchens debate, although it's not so much a debate as a documentary about a debate.


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