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What Does Narrative Encompass and Other Questions

I want to address an issue that has come up from time to time regarding Narrative and what it encompasses as far as the physical world and meta-physical beliefs.  If one goes here and then goes through the comment section, … Continue reading

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Nothing or Something?

What exactly is nothing?  Great question.  Here is a good answer.  This answer also goes to the point that narrative/world-view/faith encompasses everything, even our view of agreed upon facts or those thought to be commonly held.  They are commonly held … Continue reading

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The Last Dogma

I often get the impression that when people hear me use words like postmodern, narrative, world-view, and the like they think I am basically just making this stuff up or using it in a sense that is peculiar to me.  … Continue reading

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Or me

More voices here.

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An Intellectually Fulfilled…Theist

I have often thought, and I think some historians of science agree, that Darwin’s loss of faith was due more to the death of his daughter, than it was any certainty he put in some new found evidence, theory, or … Continue reading

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There may be some things in this essay that address, again, the ongoing conversation taking place within the threads of the last several posts.  Here is a good quote: “The supposedly self-evident truth of the non-existence of the Creator is nothing more … Continue reading

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“Unmasked as Nothing”

RonH has a good analysis of the Enlightenment (which is a narrative/world-view/faith) in one of the recent comment threads as it relates to narrative and the current ongoing conversation.  Obviously the “Enlightenment” is a varied (even geographically) and complex transition … Continue reading

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Questions and Food for Thought

Bernard, perhaps it might help if we thought about these questions and their possible implications: 1.    Would you describe your “distaste” as having negative or positive connotations for you personally?  For either, does that suggest you must already have in mind … Continue reading

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A Christian Commonwealth?

Is this the best idea for Europe’s future?  I believe it is. The bankruptcy of the secular “market-state” Across Europe and elsewhere, there is an inchoate awareness that big government and big business have colluded at the expense of the … Continue reading

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In response to JP, and RonH’s comments regarding narrative in the last comments thread, I am re-posting something I posted a couple of years ago.  Again, I am not using the words world-view, narrative, or faith based upon my own … Continue reading

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