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Being Otherwise

A very good reflection upon Good Friday here: Throughout the whole drama of Jesus’s condemnation and execution, it is as though the powers of evil are defying God to reveal himself. God would not be God if the Kingdom that Jesus … Continue reading

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No Simple Faith

A wonderful reflection upon Easter here. If you want a simple faith, choose the submission of Islam or atheism. Christianity, following the absurdist irony of its mother faith of Judaism, instead opens the self, like Thomas, to a complex mystery, … Continue reading

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"Approved by Love"

I take literally the statement in the Gospel of John that God loves the world. I believe that the world was created and approved by love, that it subsists, coheres, and endures by love, and that, insofar as it is … Continue reading

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God can never be and ought never to be reduced to a mere object for consideration, for in faith God is experienced as the ultimate subject.  God is not a theoretical problem to somehow resolve but rather a mystery to … Continue reading

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“Sleeping Furiously”

Good stuff here and funny too. In my interactions with religious and nonreligious people alike, I now draw a sharp line, based not on what exactly they believe but on their level of dogmatism. I consider dogmatism a far greater … Continue reading

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On the Highway to McHell with the Cult of Self Behind the Wheel

If anyone wants to know what economics is really about or why we in the West find ourselves where we do can go here. “Is meaningful resistance to the Cult of the Self even possible? Can a final, irrevocable descent … Continue reading

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Here and here are some provocative thoughts regarding Ronald Dworkin’s most recent work, which was published after his passing in February of this year. “…to show that it’s possible to adopt what he calls a “religious attitude,” a worldview which … Continue reading

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What Are We Willing To See?

Here is a fairly good example of why evidential type apologetics,  whether done by evangelicals or atheists, more often than not end up going nowhere.  The truth is that we “see” what we want to see.  As noted in the essay- … Continue reading

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Whence and Why

This post is a response to this one by Bernard Beckett and it deals with the area of morality and ethics.  Bernard has an interesting take on this whole area and it seems to boil down to “desire” or his … Continue reading

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“Tell me a fact, and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth, and I’ll believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.” -North American Indian Proverb Perhaps they were the first postmodernists.  It is the … Continue reading

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