The Great Divide

Some want to keep the divide.  Some want to go further by eliminating (closing the door) the other side from being part of the equation or conversation.  You know, “they” are fine as long as they stay hidden and keep their mouths shut.  However, there are people who want to bring the two sides back together so they, once again, can sit at the same table.  And I say “once again” because it is of relatively recent memory that there ever was a divide.  It was a divide that had to be created, imagined.  From the essay:

“What man has put asunder can, they hope, be coupled together once again in a symbiotic relationship. If that marriage were to take place then perhaps even the atmosphere of university bars would begin to alter, with boffins and bohemians debating amicably, on common ground and in a common language.”

Indeed, this is what I hope for.  I say that as a confessing bohemian.

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1 Response to The Great Divide

  1. Burk Braun says:


    Art isn't the problem, by any means. The problem is not taking one's philosphy seriously. Harvey did what?

    “After testing the theory, with endless experiments on corpses and living animals, he eventually “found it true”.”

    As for his blathering about god and so forth, if you call god a matter of art, as I would, we are all in agreement. If you call it “truth”, and even superior in its metaphysical holism to the minor truths of fact, then we divide quite sharply. Art expresses our feelings and subjectivity. It is about us. God is an imaginative artistic creation to apotheosize our most cosmic hopes and fears. Is that what you mean?


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