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I’m re-posting something I posted several months ago just for reference and review as it is evident from some of the recent comments–that it is still not clear to some what I’m saying.  Disagree with me, object vigorously, but I am … Continue reading

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No God, no Science?

This book is definitely on my reading list. “A truce is sometimes called between science and theology, by thinkers on both sides. Michael Hanby, however, shows a way forward more profitable than truce, found in the common ground between theology … Continue reading

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Boston- our thoughts and prayers are with you.  And this about sums it up.

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In Praise of Mystery—Certainty is for Fundamentalists

This post is a reflection upon this one by Bernard Beckett regarding his agnosticism. First of all, I should point out those features that I appreciate and commend.  The two features in Bernard’s post that resonated with me were tolerance … Continue reading

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Speaking of Psychology…

Interesting thoughts here… An article by Frans De Waal that seeks to understand why “Militant Atheism Has Become a Religion” seems relevant here. As an Emory psychology professor who conducts research on primate behavior, and an atheist himself, his criticism … Continue reading

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Story and Narrative

I plan to respond, at some point, more comprehensively to Bernard’s recent post found here.  But specifically, for now, here is something that, I hope, speaks to Bernard’s reference to story-telling and its importance to him.  I too share this … Continue reading

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Without Religion

Peter Rollins is becoming one of my favorite thinkers.  Good stuff here. While the supportive nature of unbelief might be obvious in fundamentalist communities the challenge is in seeing it also in operation in liberal and progressive communities. Someone might, … Continue reading

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