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Narratives have Consequences

One of the perennial questions on this blog when it is asserted that worldviews/narratives cannot be founded empirically/scientifically (which isn’t  however, to say that both those aspects don’t play a part) is, “Well, then how do we know which narrative is … Continue reading

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Here’s the Answer to your Question: You’re an Idiot.

I came across this and thought a better title might have been the title to this post.  Look, I know there are Christians and other theists that ask these questions in a way where they do seem to be implying … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Templeton Foundation

Much has been written about Robert Bellah’s new book, Religion in Human Evolution.  It has mostly received very good reviews.  Just to emphasize again the point of my last post and the Templeton Foundation, it appears that Bellah’s book was … Continue reading

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Science Chauvinism

This is a nice counter to the, in my view, very unwise and shortsighted position laid out by Sean Carroll as to the Templeton Foundation.It is obvious that Carroll had one thing in mind as he speaks against “religion” and it is … Continue reading

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A Horse of a Different Color

I think much of the confusion that is so readily apparent from many of the comments on this blog have to do with misunderstanding postmodernism.  This is no doubt partly my fault.  As in all philosophical discussions, language and meaning … Continue reading

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On “Seeing”

There is much here that encapsulates and reiterates some of what I have been talking about and also speaks, I hope, to many of the comments.  C.S. Lewis certainly told it “slant” when we think about the poem by Emily … Continue reading

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I’ve noted James H. Olthuis before (many times now!).  He isn’t the end-all, be-all of worldview—I think many others also unpack worldview very nicely, but he does provide a good working definition even if I think some things could be worded or explained … Continue reading

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