Science Chauvinism

This is a nice counter to the, in my view, very unwise and shortsighted position laid out by Sean Carroll as to the Templeton Foundation.

It is obvious that Carroll had one thing in mind as he speaks against “religion” and it is fundamentalist religion. Well, the Templeton Foundation is never going to give money to any person or group that is fundamentalist or working on some crackpot project so he is not supporting this foundation for something the foundation will never do.  Okay.

Carroll is making one of those ignorant stereotypical “women are bad drivers” sort of swipes at “religion” because he only has one narrow-minded, ill informed, and provincial view of the subject, even though I’m sure he might add, “Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends go to church.”  He needs to get out a little more.  The brush he’s using to paint with here could cover entire football fields with each stroke.

Here is a perfect example of the chauvinism:

“Due to the efforts of many smart people over the course of many years, scholars who are experts in the fundamental nature of reality have by a wide majority concluded that God does not exist. We have better explanations for how things work.”

Wow, this just in, read all about it, “smart people conclude God doesn’t exist!”  Who knew?

Is he serious?  First of all, who (other than fundamentalists?) has been positing something to the effect that God is actually the one pushing the earth around the sun or that the wind is really just God’s breath?  Is Carroll completely bereft of how modern science was conceived and evolved?  Does he know that a lot of “smart” people involved in that process were also theists?  Has he ever heard of Bacon? Kepler?  Descartes?  Pascal?  Newton?  Boyle?  Faraday?  Mendel?  Kelvin?  Planck?  Francis Collins?  Is he aware that while many scientists may not claim a traditional belief in God or the deities of most religions, like Einstein,  they believe in some mysterious aspect to reality or that the material is not all that exists?  Does he really think the average western person out there isn’t aware there are things called atoms and molecules, gravity, and laws of physics–that God isn’t the proverbial Grand Wizard behind the screen of nature pulling levers and pushing buttons and making things “work”?

Well, maybe he does.  So what do we have then?  We have a secular fundamentalist talking about never supporting a reasonable, open-minded, tolerant, and respected foundation dedicated to the furtherance of good science, which militates against and undercuts religious anti-science fundamentalism.

Whoops.  Nice job Carroll. Someone empty this guy’s gun before he shoots his other foot. 

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  1. RonH says:

    Don't forget Polkinghorne!


  2. Darrell says:

    Yes, and many many others!


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