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An Honest Atheist

A quick aside and then on to my next post.  There are just so many good things here, but I will pick out a few. As Hamblin’s case makes clear, even defenses of religion in the publications of university presses … Continue reading

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It’s All in Your Head…

A constant refrain one hears from the more angry atheists is that religious belief is purely psychological.  When one asserts that God exists, he is really asserting an inner mental state or frame of mind—he is not really commenting on … Continue reading

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Even More on Consequences…

Here there is more to echo the last couple of posts on this topic.  Here we see that what I’m saying is hardly a strictly “Christian” perspective but most certainly a transcendental one.  I think we can also note another … Continue reading

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Thrones, Games, Stories

Here and here we see interesting reflections upon the very popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”.  Since I don’t watch it, I can’t really comment.  But from reading the two essays and others, I see connections to many of the … Continue reading

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More on Consequences…

Here is another piece noting the link between a narrative and how it actually makes an empirical difference in the lives of people.  Even though the essay is about the recent passing of legislation in Australia regarding the granting or … Continue reading

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Bad Faith

After reading this I thought about how it might also relate to agnosticism.  Is agnosticism the hand that lies still and unresponsive in the hand of another?

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