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Here and here we see interesting reflections upon the very popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”.  Since I don’t watch it, I can’t really comment.  But from reading the two essays and others, I see connections to many of the issues discussed on this blog.  It’s a good example of how philosophy and the stories we tell are everywhere and such a huge part of not only academic life but popular culture as well.  It is true that what is talked and written about in the academy will soon make its way to the street in the stories we tell, whether one form or another.  A song is a story; a television series is a story; a movie is a story; a piece of art is a story.  And the stories we tell are powerful and have consequences.  Some seen and some unseen, but always present.
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2 Responses to Thrones, Games, Stories

  1. Burk Braun says:

    So.. if stories are so important, why not clarify which are true and which are fantasy? Why not have extremely high standards, not only for the ideals in our morality tales, but in the truthiness of our scientific tales? And why not keep the two separate?


  2. Darrell says:

    Okay, scientific materialism is fantasy and Christianity is true. There, did that help?

    And yes, let's keep them separate by all means.

    Hey, we agree for once!


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