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Caputo: Introduction

I finished the book by Caputo (see previous post).  Great book.  In a very readable and winsome fashion he lays out a postmodern perspective regarding “truth.”  As noted already, he speaks to how I would describe my own view of … Continue reading

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Caputo on Truth

I am making my way through one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while entitled “Truth: Philosophy in Transit” by John D. Caputo who I’ve mentioned before.  If anyone out there wants to know how I think about “truth”, whether capital “T” … Continue reading

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The Coen Brothers, Hitchens, and the Pope

There is a good movie review here that is interesting to me, not because of the movie per-se, its main character, the story, or the cinematic techniques involved, but in the reviewer’s nod to postmodernism and how her comments dovetail with many of … Continue reading

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