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Caputo: Chapter One—Modernity and the Eclipse of Truth—Part 1

Caputo starts this chapter off with this question: “Can anything really be taken seriously today as ‘truth’ if it is not science or at least modeled after science?” And he raises this question especially as it relates to religion and … Continue reading

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Accidental or just Mysterious?

Bernard-I came across this book and thought you might find it a good read.  The writer seems to strike the balance you are looking for.  From here: “Readers will appreciate the passionately argued belief that human perception and understanding can … Continue reading

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Caputo: Introduction, Part Three

A key term and component of postmodernism is hermeneutics.  Technically, it is a theological term which refers to the art and science of interpretation.  It has been used more and more now however by many disciplines (I’ve seen it used in … Continue reading

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"…opened their eyes to reality."

I love The Onion.  A little levity while I work on the next Caputo post.

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Caputo: Introduction, Part Two

The constant charge asserted against postmodernity is that it makes truth relative.  Is it just “your” truth and “my” truth?  Is there anything that has to be true for both of us, regardless what we think about it?  There are … Continue reading

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