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Friday Roundup

What the writer of this essay doesn’t probably get, is that many “religious” or people of faith also see these trends as a good thing.  All it means is that fundamentalism is losing its grip.  It says nothing about people becoming less spiritual … Continue reading

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Something New…

Each Friday I will try and post something called “Friday Roundup” which will simply be links to various stories, essays, articles, or any number of things that caught my eye during the week.  I may post a short comment or … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part Two–

To further flesh out where Caputo is going regarding religion he brings up two historical figures who were very insightful as to the condition and effects of modernity.  He first brings up Max Weber (1864-1920), who, as he notes, “was … Continue reading

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“The Desires within our Hearts”

More on Caputo here.  This is a nice interview and reveals some more of what he means by the terms he uses. In his discussion of deconstruction, it is also clear, as anyone familiar with Caputo or the discussion knows, … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part One

Caputo begins the chapter with this humorous story: “One day one of our children came home from school and announced to us that he was an atheist.  I had two responses.  First, I said, never tell that to your grandmother.  … Continue reading

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