“The Desires within our Hearts”

More on Caputo here.  This is a nice interview and reveals some more of what he means by the terms he uses.
In his discussion of deconstruction, it is also clear, as anyone familiar with Caputo or the discussion knows, he is clearly not (nor is Derrida) interested in attacking religion or secularism.  Notice however, he does recognize the “violence” and attack on religion perpetuated by the new atheists.

“Derrida is not launching a secularist attack on religion. Deconstruction has nothing to do with the violence of the “new atheists” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Derrida approaches the mystics, the Scriptures, Augustine with respect — they are always ahead of him, he says — and he always has something to learn from them. He is not trying to knock down one position (“theism”) with the opposing position (“atheism”). He does not participate in these wars.”

Again, Caputo, like Derrida is trying to drive down the center (although a very disturbed an un-centered center).  And it is why fundamentalists on both sides of the road take their shots.
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